All for U

Yarn, interior and a vast variety of lifestyle products.
All is manufactured and designed by us, and it’s all for you.

We’re heavily inspired by nature, and our products reflect the simplicity
for which Scandinavia has been renown and loved throughout decades.

You will get an immediate sense of timeless design and raw functionality
when facing one of our products.

U and Me.

When you reach the balance between tradition and renewal, everything peaks to highest level.
Our products, our design and color schemes have been well developed
with thorough research and focus on ever changing trends.

In order to design for you, we are looking your way. Your needs, your preferences
and especially your choices when it comes to fashion and interior design,
all creates the solid foundation we use in product development.

In a way you could say, that we create the future together.
You, me and ScandinaviU.

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Ribbon –
Ribbon –

U will find us.

Located in the North of Jutland in Denmark, we’re surrounded by roaring
oceans and meditative, endless forrests – in short; raw unspoiled nature.

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